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September 14th 2007
Retro Friday (1974)

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D at school in 1974Wow – has it really been five weeks since the last Retro Friday picture? No excuses – I’m just lazy, I guess.

To make up for it I picked an extra cute one. First grade, a wonderfully awkward and staged photo. Can you imagine that I used to look so innocent?

August 10th 2007
Retro Friday (1972)

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D with his Mutti35 years back in time. Hold it – am I that old already? Never mind then…

This was taken on the beach in Yugoslavia, again (back then, it appears, people mostly took pictures on special occasions; vacations, family festivities and the like – how different today has become thanks to digital photography… which reminds me, I have only taken 300 pictures of the girls this month – need to fix that this weekend!)

For those keeping track (it’s easy, just click on the Retro Friday link under the post title (as in ‘FILED UNDER …’; works for all categories), or use the drop down menu for categories at the top of the blog), this is the youngest of me that you have seen so far. And unless Mutti finds some more baby pictures, this might be the youngest that I have. Actually, I take it back – I have two that are even younger and even cuter. Stay tuned.

July 27th 2007
Retro Friday (1994)

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An unnamed young man and D in 1994This is almost current. Ok, it’s thirteen years ago and thankfully I don’t look like this anymore. Neither does, frankly, the other person in this picture, who shall remain nameless for now… btw – he turned 46 two days ago…

This was taken spring 94. This was the time when I lived in the US for the first time – in Northern Virginia (quite different from Oregon, let me tell you). Linux was young, very young, and some of us organized the first ever Linux conference. Linux Kongress in Heidelberg, Germany. All of the core developers came (and in 94 that wasn’t such a big crowd). It was great.

This picture was taken in a beer garden, but back then I didn’t drink any alcohol at all, so that’s most likely apple juice in front of me…

July 20th 2007
Retro Friday (1974)

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D’s first day of schoolIt’s BAAACK!

Sorry for missing a few Fridays. As a reward you get to see the youngest of me so far (but stay tuned… there’s much more cuteness coming… and even earlier pictures of me).

This is my first day in school. Which means it’s September 1974, a few weeks before my 7th birthday. I was held back a year since I was born right after the ‘cut-off’ date and the ‘psychological evaluation’ (and I am using that term loosely) showed that I wasn’t ready for school and that I had severe deficiencies in math skills – actually, my mom was told that I would “never learn math”. Good thing I was never good at listening to people speaking with authority. Otherwise I might not have gone for that Masters degree in math and computer science…

Anyway, enjoy!

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