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December 16th 2010
Did I use to be a runner?

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I went running today. For the first time in THREE WEEKS. Seriously.

Between being sick, getting scuba certified and then going to Maui I never managed to run since Thanksgiving. Wow. Going from five months with more than 100 miles each to three weeks of not running is kind of wild. I did a three mile run this morning and wasn’t exactly feeling like superman.

But as my sister pointed out to me in an email – it’s tough to keep up with running, Tae Kwon Do and scuba diving. Something has got to give…

November 23rd 2010
Sometimes things break

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Especially if you use them a lot. And no, I’m not talking about the children’s toys, I’m talking about one of mine. I bought my Forerunner 305 more than three and a half years ago. I ran about 2500 miles with, more than 400 hours of use. And last week in Dublin it turns out it died. At first I just thought I had forgotten to turn it off – but apparently what happened is that the battery died. It still turns on when connected to its charging station. And it claims to be fully charged. But the moment you remove it it immediately turns off.

Forerunner310xtSo today I went and bought (on sale) its successor, the Forerunner 310XT. It has a few very nice improvements. It’s waterproof – so hopefully its speaker won’t be corroded by my sweat (on the 305 the beeps had gotten very faint over time). It has vibration alerts in addition to beeps. It has a much faster satellite detection (if used at similar spot within three days of the last use – that seemed like such an obvious improvement). It has twice the battery life. It has a better display. It does heart rate based calorie calculation – instead of the somewhat simplistic distance based one the 305 does. Etc.

I haven’t actually gone running with it, yet (I have a slight cold and didn’t want to push it today). But I think I’ll like it.

November 14th 2010
A spectacular run in Dublin

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a look back to the shoewAs a runner, some runs are good, some are miserable (like my marathon last month) and most are just unremarkable.

But sometimes you get lucky. The weather is perfect (or almost perfect – we had blue skies and low temperatures, both things I love; there just was too much wind, especially at the water). You happen to pick a gorgeous route in a place you’ve never been to. And even though you had planned something else, you just go for it.

That’s what happened to me today.

Originally I had planned a 9 mile run from the hotel to the Dublin Bay shore and back. But as I reached the 4.5 mile turnaround point I decided to run that short little bit extra to get to the beginning of the South Sea Wall. And once I was there I figured I might as well run out to the lighthouse.

The picture above was taken from the lighthouse back to the shore. It was breathtaking in two senses of the word. First, it was simply incredibly gorgeous. The view was spectacular – I was literally one and a quarter mile out into the sea – nothing but water around me and a maybe 15-20 foot wide seawall connecting me back to the shore. But it was also breathtaking because there was a strong, let me correct that very strong wind coming from land – so running back in was simply brutal – straight into a storm strength wind at about 36F (2°C). Yikes.

But it was so worth it.

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November 2nd 2010
Running in Boston

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with apologies to all Bostonians…

So I’ve done three runs here in Boston (well, technically, in Cambridge) so far. Here’s what I learned:

People are fast. I am definitely the slowest runner out there – even when doing tempo work

People are much tougher than me. It was 26F (-2°C) yesterday morning. Still about half of the runners had no gloves, no hat, short sleeves and short pants. On Sunday afternoon (it had warmed up to about 50F / 10°C) I saw a runner in just running shoes and running shorts, nothing else.

Traffic lights seem to have a different meaning:

  • WALK: proceed with extreme caution, cars might try to hit you
  • Blinking red DON’T WALK: proceed with extreme caution, cars will try to hit you
  • Red DON’T WALK: proceed with extreme caution, cars will definitely try to hit you

As a consequence of this I have not been able to detect any different in behavior in most runners when crossing roads, regardless of traffic lights. And I am pretty sure that there are monthly prices for the driver who hits the most runners. At least all indications seem to point that way.

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