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October 31st 2010
Running update (52 – 55)

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I haven’t written any updates for a month. Well, that’s not true, I did of course write about my marathon. But just to keep the statistics going, here’s what I did in October…

The first week of October continued my taper towards the marathon. 3 miles Tuesday, 5 miles with some tempo work on Wednesday and then 3 miles on Friday. And of course 26.2 miles on Sunday. A bit over 37 miles that week.

The second week was recovery, an easy 5.5 mile run with my sister on Thursday and a 6 mile run on a treadmill in Munich on Saturday. 11.5 miles for the week.

Back in the US I ran 4 miles Tuesday, 6 miles Thursday and 12 miles Saturday. I had briefly considered running a half marathon race on Sunday but thankfully decided against it – the 12 miles Saturday felt really tough and a race might have been a mistake. So 22 miles that week.

Finally this past week I spent mostly in Cambridge, UK. I did three runs there, 6 miles Tuesday and Wednesday, 5 miles on Thursday. Another 6 miles in Washington on Friday and yet another 6 mile run here in Boston today. For 29 miles total.

If we add in the eight mile run on October 3rd we get to a bit over 108 miles for October – the fifth month in a row in which I ran more than 100 miles.

October 12th 2010
Who would have thought

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I was really worried about flying 28 hours after my marathon. And I took some precautions to make sure that this would be a bearable trip: I got on the Portland – Amsterdam non-stop flight and made sure that I would get an upgrade. So I had one long comfortable flight to start with, no connections, running around airports, cramped domestic flights…

Turns out, this worked much better than expected. Yes, my legs were still sore on Monday (snide remark: I clearly didn’t run hard enough), but the flight Monday afternoon was surprisingly pleasant and with the slight help of some Advil PM I even got a few good hours of sleep in.

Was this ideal? Absolutely not. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. I’ve flown hours after running a 10k. I’ve flown the day after a half marathon (and may end up doing this again soon). But the day after a marathon? In general not recommended. Especially not cross-ocean.

But then, given my travel schedule – what did I expect.

October 10th 2010

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If you live in the US (and maybe even outside), I’m sure you’ve seen this number somewhere. On a license plate. A t-shirt. A sticker. Somewhere. And to those of you who don’t immediately go “oh, sure, a marathoner”, here’s your chance to learn something new.

The distance run in a Marathon is 42.195km or 26 miles and 385 yards – which is usually rounded to 42.2km or 26.2 miles. So the next time you see someone with either of these two numbers displayed somewhere, go ahead, talk to them, ask them about their last marathon. My guess is they’ll love it.

My laptop has a sticker that states “26.2 – Been there. Run that.”

Fantastic support on the course (H2 in the foreground)How was my last marathon?

Funny you should ask. That happened to be today, which is why I’m limping and looking like I’m in pain whenever I have to move my legs. Or don’t move my legs. But don’t let that distract you from the fact that it was AWESOME.

too fast for the shutterThe support during the race was fantastic (K2 carrying an umbrella and all – picture credit to our friend Judie) and at the finish I was simply too fast for the slow shutter of K2’s iPhone.

I broke my personal record by about 19 minutes and stayed under 5 hours for the first time. I wasn’t as fast as I hoped, but that just means I need to run another one in order to get better. After all, that’s what we tell the children. What matters is that you try. And if you don’t reach your goal, you try again. H2 has shown me how to do it, and I’ll try to live up to that standard.

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October 9th 2010

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Yeah, I’m fretting. More than seems reasonable. I’ve been there, I’ve done this. Still, somehow I’m quite anxious.

We had great carbo-loading dinner at A&M’s house – and their uncle Dave was there who’s also running the marathon tomorrow, only he plans to come in about an hour before me. Nice.

The alarm will go off at 4am (I’m sleeping in the OWB so I don’t wake everyone up), K2 and the girls will get up at 5:45am and drive me downtown, the race starts at 7am.

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