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December 18th 2012
Big and small

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Sorry, another post full of scuba pictures. But maybe this is fun for some…

red stripe pipefish - as close to finding a seahorse as I couldFirst let’s start small. K2 loves seahorses. I haven’t managed to find any of those on any of my recent trips, but at least I found some pipefish today, which are closely related to seahorses and are also really cool. These two are about 7cm / 3in long…

Type of nudibranch that I haven't seen beforeAnother entry in the ‘small’ category is this nudibranch. A little shorter but much thicker – and just cool looking.

And then lets talk about bigger animals – equally cool. Swimming / diving with manta rays has been high on my list for a while. And as we arrived at a dive site today the captain suddenly yells from above – Ray! Ray! We got in the water quite quickly and had a chance to be around this relatively small one for a while. Wing span was about 1.5m / 5ft.

manta ray right above mewhat a beautiful animal

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December 17th 2012
More scuba pictures

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I’ll backdate this post so that the one everyone wants to see (with pictures of the girls) comes first…

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this weeks diving (I’m diving comparably little trying to spend more time with the family… so far just three boat trips this week with the fourth and last one coming tomorrow).

The only thing I want to post are my frogfish pictures plus a really cool shot of a huge turtle.

big green sea turtle - about 5 ft longTWO frogfish

third frogfishfourth frogfish

Can you find the four frogfish? They are really good a camouflage and I am quite proud that I found all of them without a dive guide pointing them out…

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November 11th 2012
Scuba pictures, anyone?

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I have been traveling for a week, but a couple days of diving were a welcome reward for it. The visibility under water was atrocious. Often under 6 feet. Yet it’s still possible to get some decent pictures – as I am learning it is all a matter of lighting.

So here are my two favorite pictures, taken off the coast of Malaga in Southern Spain. And yes, these are the real colors, only minimal post-processing to adjust the brightness. That type of orange star coral is found only around here in Southern Spain

Octopus hiding in star coralCool not-so-little nudibranch

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October 21st 2012
Scuba pictures

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These were taken a couple of weeks ago in Okinawa. Some of you may have seen them on Google+, but I think they are worth reposting here…

Let’s start out with some macro pictures: Christmas tree worms and a nudibranch.

Christmas tree worms - always awesomeI love these nudibranchs

another nudibranchcan you tell I like these nudibranchs?

And some fish – the clown fish are extremely hard to get good pictures of. They never stay in one place for more than a tenth of a second. The banana wrasse is hard in different ways – you need to capture it in mid water for a great pictures…

clownfish and othersbanana wrasse

shiny little sea starI haven't identified these, yet

Finally: cuttlefish. Yes, this is the same animal, just a few moments apart.

cuttle fish hiding amongst the coralsame cuttlefish trying to get away

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