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June 6th 2012
Fear her

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Today was K2’s brown-stripe belt test. And while she will never admit it, she is really good at this. As these pictures, I think, illustrate.

in the airperfect roundhouse kick

back kicknice side kick

back fist and kiapkicking through a one inch solid pine board

showing good posturetrophies

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March 3rd 2012
Oregon Open

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lining upThis is the second year that the girls participated in the Oregon Open, a state wide Tae Kwon Do tournament. And contrary to last year, this time I was around to watch them. Yay.

A lot of kids took part in the tournament – eight schools from the region sent their students. They were grouped by age and then within the age by level (that is, how long they have been doing Tae Kwon Do).

It all started with the demo teams (some of which were quite impressive) and the next event was the forms competition – that’s the one the girls participated in.

K2 and I split up and each one of us took video of one of the girls, as they competed at almost exactly the same time (they were in different groups again). And of course I took a lot of pictures.

H2 doing middle block in a back stanceS2 doing middle block in a back stance

I managed to take a picture of both of them showing almost the same position – a middle block in a back stance.

But you’ll get a much better idea of what they did by watching the videos that we took.

H2 ended up getting first place in her group. S2 had a very tough group and came in in third place. She was quite upset about that – she wants to be perfect.

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December 21st 2011
Picture day

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A month ago, precisely on the day N arrived, our Tae Kwon Do studio had its picture day. No way we’d let the girls miss that.

And yes, that’s an Olympic Gold Medal that they are holding in their hands in the last picture. Just not theirs. Yet.


H2S2Master Kim H2 & S2

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December 6th 2011
Blue belts

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Quick update. I owe you pictures of the girls baking cookies that K2 took. But the iMac is monopolized by a 14-yo playing World of Warcraft right now…

In other news, three of us have passed our blue belt test in Tae Kwon Do. K2’s test for blue-stripe belt is tomorrow. The one bad news in all this? While doing a skipping roundhouse kick – double roundhouse kick combination I managed to really hurt my left knee. So badly that I thought I might have to abort the belt test. It’s better now and not swollen, so I don’t think I’ve broken, ruptured or torn anything, but it still hurts…

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