...and other misconceptions I made 06-07-30
2006 Jul 30
August 24th 2010
5th Famiversary

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Well, ok. It was yesterday. Sorry. With all the activities we didn’t manage to get pictures, so we’re a day late.

But I definitely want to keep the tradition alive. K2 started this one for the first Famiversary on her old blog (that seems to have disappeared – I need to investigate that). I continued it for the second, third and fourth Famiversary on this blog. And now it’s been five years. Absolutely unbelievable. Seriously. Five years? Wow.

Two new pictures, and just for reference, some old ones as well.

H2 and S2 with their referral pictureS2 and H2 with their referral picture

S2, K2 and H2 on Family DayH2 and S2 on the first FamiversaryH2 and S2 on the second FamiversaryH2 and S2 with their referral pictureS2 and H2 in the hall way

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