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2006 Aug 23
August 23rd 2012
7th Famiversary

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I am backdating this post so it shows up with the correct date… I was out of town and K2 took this picture. We celebrated our Famiversary the day before by going out to dinner, but this picture was taken seven years, to the day, after our Family Day.

We have tried to celebrate this day and to commemorate becoming a family every year. So every year on the anniversary of this day we have posted a picture of the girls with their referral picture to our blog. We somehow lost the first one which was on K2’s blog, but the rest were here:

The second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth Famiversary.

S2 and H2 on their seventh Familversary

S2, K2 and H2 on Family DayH2 and S2 on the first FamiversaryH2 and S2 on the second FamiversaryH2 and S2 on the third FamiversaryS2 and H2 on the fourth FamiversaryS2 and H2 on the fifth FamiversaryH2 and S2 on the sixth Famiversary

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  1. TubaDad on 03 Sep 2012 at 10:37 am #

    Love the picture of the girls and their referral photo. Our Famiversary (love that word) brings back great memories every year – that is a crazy day!

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