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March 26th 2006
The girls just love Denise

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And who can blame them – she’s just lovely!

Denise joined us to look at Jay Shore’s art and afterwards came over to our house today to spend some time with us and help us with hanging the new paintings that we got.

And it turns out that she was heaven sent. Even though S2 was doing better than the last couple of days, H2 really wasn’t. Her teeth really seem to hurt her badly. And neither wanted to nap and both were threatening to be “high maintenance” all afternoon. But then Denise started playing with them – and whatever it was that she did, she hit exactly the right note with them as they forgot all about being unhappy and were giggling and happy and cheerful all afternoon.

How wonderful. One more reason why Denise needs to visit us more often!

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October 15th 2005

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Denise D Denise, who’s a very special friend to us, has also for quite a while been my inspiration when it comes to photography. She does outstanding work, was well on her way to be a professional photographer, and just recently decided that she’d rather keep it a hobby and stay an economist…

As of today, we both have the same wonderful digital SLR – she also has a Canon EOS Rebel XT. A really cool camera and a fun toy. One of the things we both love about it is the black & white mode… you can do awesome pictures with that – even if they are just of each other, taking pictures :-)

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