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May 30th 2006
Another step in the paperwork game…

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Of course the adoption was final last August. China, the US, and even Germany accept the adoption in China as permanent and binding act. That doesn’t change the fact that there is some advantage to re-adopting in Oregon (and even though as my children they are of course German citizens, there is more work to be done to get them German passports). The most obvious advantage of re-adoption in Oregon is that the girls become eligible to receive Oregon birth certificates. Which are easy to replace / get more of. And they look familiar to anyone who usually gets to see birth certificates here in the US – unlike a Chinese certificate with English translation, which is what we have today.

Long story short, as one more step (and we believe the final step, as far as the US is concerned) of the adoption process, we finalized the Oregon re-adoption of our girls today. The actual ceremony (we could have done this “by mail”, but hey, this is an important event!) was almost nonexistent – the judge was so busy telling us how cute our girls are, she at first didn’t even notice that we had forgotten to sign one form. But it was all very nice and in the end still rather touching. And Judge Waller was very motherly and caring and was obviously excited to do a re-adoption (instead of her usual, less cheerful case load).

K2 and I are happy, the girls didn’t like the waiting but then liked the attention – but of course as a consequence of the change in routine they were pretty wound up. And to make matters worse, I’m leaving to Nashville tonight (via a red-eye to Chicago – yuck!). I’m attending a conference there, before traveling to Seattle on Thursday evening for another meeting on Friday. Poor girls with their “transient” father (and poor K2 with her disappearing-act-husband…)

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