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2005 Sep 26
June 29th 2011
Another trip to Playmobil FunPark

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We’ve been here a couple of times before. And the girls always seem to like it. It’s a small park, it’s geared towards little kids, it can get very crowded but somehow it always delivers. Today was no exception.

We arrived fairly early – and since this week school is back in session in Bavaria the park wasn’t crowded at all. The girls went straight to one of their favorite parts, the water play area. Of course I had to continue the tradition and take a waterfall picture…

2011: big big girls in the waterfall2010: big girls braving the waterfallbraving the waterfall in 2007

Of course they wanted to play with horses again. As expected at Playmobil, the horses weren’t quite real, but that didn’t diminish their enthusiasm…

playing with the horsesriding a horse

And of course they had to be cute. On their own, and with the “silly man” (as they often call JR)…

adorableeven more adorable with the silly man

We had a blast. Now it’s too hot for us – or actually too humid; and of course no one has A/C. But fear not, the next cold / rain spell is coming tomorrow and we’ll be longing for the heat…

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