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What a wonderful trip – but all good things have to end, I guess.

When we left my sister’s house Saturday morning the girls were crying. S2 was just a puddle of tears, sobbing that she missed Ben and Nico and H1 and Marcus and Oma and everyone. They wanted to know when we see them all again. Well, Birgit, J1 and Ben will visit us in August. And Nico will come and stay with us for more than seven months, starting November. And the rest of his family will be here next year Easter. But all this clearly wasn’t enough (and not soon enough) to calm her down.

The girls decided to stay in Germany. We overruled.

The bad news about the travel was that H2 had started to run a fever Friday afternoon. And it didn’t get better on Saturday, either. We had medication but even with that her temperature was higher than what we were happy with. Fears of strep infection or meningitis were bothering us – especially when H2 complained about neck pains and difficulty moving her neck.

Given all that the flight to Chicago went amazingly well. Having two iPads and lots of movies, games and TV shows might have something to do with that. The girls did not sleep at all on the plane, just as we were on our final approach, S2 dozed off. Great timing, child.

Immigration took longer than usual (tons of people ahead of us), still we were in the domestic terminal with lots of time. At this point both girls fell asleep in the waiting area. K2 and I tried to prevent the same from happening to us by having our first Starbucks in two weeks.

We woke the girls to board the flight to Portland. S2 was barely able to stand, H2 was doing really well. On the four hour flight S2 slept for most of it, H2 stayed awake and watched more videos. As we arrived we headed straight home and put the girls to bed – it was about 8:30pm, about 30 minutes later than their normal bed time before the trip. Except that at this point we had been up for 24 hours (K2 and I without sleep, but especially S2 had done some napping).

Of course K2 and I expected a short night. We had a glass of wine to unwind and went to bed early. And then the girls slept till about 6am and stayed in their room till I checked them around 6:15 (I heard them talk).

For the record, that means they did better than their parents as we woke up around 4:45. Unexpected. But wonderful.

H2 still has a slight fever – and it’s a holiday weekend in the US. Our family doctor offered to come by this evening – the fever is low enough that I think we’ll wait for that instead of dealing with an ER…

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