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June 25th 2014
Cloud 9 Cooking School

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The other highlight of Yangshuo was Cloud 9 Cooking School.

girls at work

The girls got to prepare four Chinese dishes. Using woks on gas burners, seriously scary cleavers and some cooking and food safety techniques that would earn the facility a nice long conversation with their insurance company – if they were located in the US.

But don’t mind that – the results were amazing. Truly delicious dishes, cooked together by our family. And those dishes ended up being our dinner. Just awesome.

cooks and their dishescooks and their dishescooks and their dishes

The pictures don’t come close to capturing how excited and happy the girls were. Well, maybe this one does.

H2 is happy

This was definitely one of the absolute highlights of the trip – and maybe the best of the “cultural enrichment” activities.

The evening event (a local performance of folk song and dance on a stage right on the river) we skipped. Too tired, too many mosquito bites. We needed a break.

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  1. Catherine on 26 Jun 2014 at 7:26 am #

    Great job H2 and S2!! Your dishes look delicious!! Maybe you can make them for us when we see you again sometime?!!


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