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February 12th 2010
Cultural differences

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When you tell me “please pick the children up at 9pm” that to me means that I show up between 8:58pm and 9:01pm and pick up the children.

Apparently that was not what the nice people at the community center expected – and apparently the other non-German parents didn’t take it to mean the same thing as H2 and S2 were the last kids to be picked up… Ooops!

Other than that the evening was a full success. I have my flight simulator “gaming system” up and running. Three screens with a combined 5760×1200 resolution, a fresh install of Windows 7 on a high performance solid state disk in a system with a very fast Core i7 CPU and plenty of RAM – all running X-Plane smoothly with my new Radeon 5870 graphics card. And the girls had fun, too.

BTW: if the first part of the last paragraph didn’t make any sense to you, here’s the translation: Papa had fun.

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  1. Angela on 14 Feb 2010 at 9:21 pm #

    I’m guessing maybe they meant, “please pick up the children by 9:00 pm”??

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