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2007 Sep 27
April 12th 2007
Day 3 – uhh it’s hump day!

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H2 dancingAll is still well – the girls are fed and happy and asleep (I think – just heard some noises).
They went to daycare extra early this morning and even had breakfast there (I love our daycare) as I had a 7:30am meeting that I needed to call into.

When I picked them up in the afternoon they were excited and I heard that they had a good day playing. S2’s take-home-slip mentions that she had fun “banging cymbals together” – yeah, I can see that.

At home our wonderful friend Denise came over to visit and play with them for a while; later all of us had yummy dinner (yet another delight prepped ahead of time by K2 – meat loaf).

Even before Denise joined us the girls were all happy and dancing and laughing and giggling. Oh, and having a great time with Reggie.

S2 requests “again” (to see their favorite dance scene again)S2, Reggie and H2

Tomorrow daycare is closed. In the morning we’ll get together with another set of German speaking twins – Alicia and Victoria are 9 months older than our girls and go to the same daycare. In the afternoon I’m thinking about going to the Children’s Museum. Not sure yet.

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  1. Jackson on 12 Apr 2007 at 9:12 pm #

    Reggie looks so cute sitting with his sisters and I can’t wait to see him on Sunday for a Corgi play date.

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