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2006 Feb 24
April 13th 2007
Day 4 – so far, so good

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We had a great morning. The girls slept ok, woke up happy and even ate some breakfast. Hurray!

Mid morning we went to visit friends – a German family of five with twins girls (10 months older than ours) who go to the same daycare. I didn’t bring my camera (don’t push your luck) but I can honestly say we had a great time. The girls played (mostly with each other, but a little bit with Ursula (the mother) and the girls), ate some more (who new that banana only is edible when handed over whole, including the skin; banana pieces were not acceptable) and clearly seemed to enjoy themselves. And they got to hear lots of German!

Afterwards we had lunch and the girls went down for their nap without a problem.

Since I didn’t take pictures today, here are two from Wednesday – someone at daycare must have had time to put a neat little braid in H2’s hair; I guess that makes them easier to tell apart! But the most amazing thing was that she kept it in until bath-time (when I had to remove it in order to wash her hair).

H2 with a beautiful braidH2 with a beautiful braid

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  1. Rony on 13 Apr 2007 at 4:32 pm #

    D, the braids are cute. For a minute I thought you braided. I was seriously impressed!!! But, too cute.

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