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2010 Jul 30
January 8th 2008

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Some things are hard when you are three. Like dealing with disappointments. In the last six days the poor girls were twice told that they’d go swimming and once told that they’d go dancing, only to find out that this wasn’t happening after all (there was a third promise of swimming that actually succeeded last Sunday). The reasons were different (calendar mixup, surprisingly long holiday break, water pipe breakage), but the reasons don’t really matter. What matters is that they get upset and sad and you as a parent feel terrible about letting them down.

I am actually surprised how relatively easy I got off on Saturday – the other two times it was K2 who was with them and she reported many tears. I guess my trick was to take them straight to Starbucks and have some vanilla milk instead…

Let’s hope there won’t be any more disappointments in store for them this month – they really just want to swim and dance! And we just want them to be happy. Well, and safe, and healthy, and polite, and well educated, and… never mind.

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