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2007 Mar 10
August 31st 2005
It’s the final day in Guangzhou

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Today we’ll go to the US Consulate where the girls will have their Swearing in Ceremony… I guess we’ll get to help with the swearing :-) — I double checked that I can come along. Having the Green Card is enough to be allowed in… it’s not always fun to be different.

We had a rough night again. For the first time we woke up Ja-Ja (I mean, Jackie) in the middle of the night and asked her to take H2. And even after we had them split up, S2 wouldn’t go back to sleep. Seems like she was still hungry. Mind you she had a bottle before dinner, then solid dinner, then another bottle before bed, then a bottle at 1, a bottle at 3:30, and she was still hungry. Amazing. Oh, I should mention that she was very hungry at breakfast, too. Guess she’s growing or something :-)

A moment ago the girls had their bath and then some burrito-baby playtime (naked, wrapped into the huge soft marvelous hotel bath towels). They love that.

Now we’ll begin packing – it’s still a while before we leave, but we certainly got some more stuff at every stop of the way and need to make sure it all fits. I was amused to find several suitcase stores within a short walking distance from the hotel… somehow I think they are on to something :-)

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