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February 17th 2008
Home Alone III – Day V

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Yeah, I know, the post is back-dated. But I wanted the dates to be right when I look back at this later…

So our last day without Mama started out great. The girls had slept ok and woke up happy and dry. We went downstairs and got our first Skype video call of the day (for the less technical of my readers, Skype is a way to have telephone conversations over the internet from one computer to another. And even better, you can do video calls where you see the person on the other side…). Anyway, my sister called and the girls got to see H1, Marcus, Nico and Ben! That was fun. The call was unexpected, though; we rather regularly call Oma, but hadn’t done this with H1 and family in something like a year. But of course the girls had spent Christmas with them, so they immediately recognized everyone and clearly loved it!

And a little later we did the same again with Oma and Manfred! Lots of German, lots of entertainment.

Since all this staring into a computer had gotten them a little restless we went out for a walk – the weather was just gorgeous. We went to Starbucks and then a playground where we ran into a friend of theirs from preschool with her parents. All in all we were out and about for about two and a half hours!

After all this walking and playing outside (and with some snuggling from Papa) the girls did take a nap. Finally. And then we went to their swimming class.

And then came the best part. When we came home Mama was back. Much happiness.

The summary? It was easier then the last couple of times. But it still isn’t easy. Every time I do this I have new appreciation for K2 and what it means to her that I travel so much.

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