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2009 Jun 28
February 11th 2010
Home Alone VI – Day 3
(evening edition)

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Another good day here… the early start not withstanding. Somehow we arrived early at preschool (wonder why). Happy kids, no problems. I once again went running after dropping them off but didn’t feel too good today – not sure what was wrong.

After I picked H2 and S2 up from school we went to Tae-Kwon-Do. We were a little early there as well, and Master Ju decided to give them a little private lesson before their Tiny Tigers class started. Fun to watch, I must say. Seeing a fifth Dan black belt demonstrate kicks (truly awe inspiring) and then get down on his hands and knees to help the girls imitate him – NICE.

In their regular class the girls successfully completed the first eight steps of the first form they need to learn for the “high white” belt – and therefore got a green tape on their green striped belt. Proud kids, proud Papa.

We came home, played for a while, had dinner, and then, as a special treat, our friends Judy and Bill came over with freshly home-made bread pudding with caramel sauce. YUM! The girls loved it – and so did I. What wonderful friends we have…

The girls are in bed and I’m wondering how early I can go to sleep as well… just in case tomorrow morning is a repeat of today.

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