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Home Alone VI – Day 6

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I want my girls to eat healthy food. But I also want them to be happy. Why does this sound like an “either-or” kind of thing? Is it because the human brain hasn’t evolved as quickly as human industriousness and therefore still craves sweet things – even though this today means mostly non-natural food like substances (refined sugars, hydrogenated fats and worst of all corn syrup wherever you look)? We eat lots of organic food, home made things where possible and fruit instead of candy.

But this can’t turn into a witch hunt of “bad” food. So we do go to fast food restaurants – just not the McD-ilk but instead places like Burgerville that at least try to use local, sustainable and somewhat healthy (Ha!) ingredients. And we do eat candy (I love chocolate more than I’m willing to admit). We just try to limit things.

So this morning the girls opened their bags with valentines that they brought home from school on Friday. And of course there were tons of chocolates, candy and lollipops… So I told them they could have ONE. And when they complained they wanted more, I offered fruit.

Yeah right, Papa.

But hey, I’m sneaky. So I said “how about we make ice cream?”. That’s just like candy, right?

Three frozen organic bananas (when they get brown in the fruit basket, we throw them in the freezer). A cup of frozen cherries. A cup of organic yogurt. Two cups of organic milk. Mix in the blender till homogeneous and very viscous. Serve in ice cream bowls. Yummy. Sweet. And… reasonably healthy.

The girls loved it. Asked for seconds. And forgot about the candy.

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  1. H1 on 15 Feb 2010 at 4:06 am #

    Smart Dad :-) That icecream really sounds yummy. And that works with brown frozen bananas ? I have to try that.

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