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2005 Aug 23
February 14th 2010
Home Alone VI – finale

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K2 is back home – she literally drove past the house just as I was about to put the girls to bed. And smartly she didn’t come in and instead went out to have dinner. This way I had a very easy bedtime with the girls, K2 was well fed (and wonderful woman that she is, brought me chocolate-hazelnut torte for desert) and when she came home an hour later she was able to get unpacked and talk to me (instead of being completely subsumed by the children).

We had yet another wonderful day here. Our very special friend Denise came over and played with the girls for more than three hours in the afternoon. A welcome break and an absolute treat for the girls. After that we played some more, did bath time, dinner, more playing and bedtime.

I had fun. It wasn’t easy, but much easier than the previous times. It would have been much harder without all the prep work that K2 did.

And now, to celebrate K2 being home (NOT) I have to pull an all-nighter for work. I was supposed to fly to Europe this morning; the trip was canceled but I still need to be up for the actual event. Oh well.

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