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Home Alone VII – Day 2

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It started early. Way too early. H2 woke up (and wanted to snuggle) at 5:15am. S2 at 5:30.

We stayed in bed till 6 and then there was no keeping them. So they got dressed and we went downstairs for breakfast. We played for a while, brushed teeth, got ready for the day. I dropped them off at school at their normal time and went running.

After school we had a special treat. Their very best friend Helen and her mom had asked us to join them and go to the candy store in the Village to enjoy some ice cream. The girls were giddy with excitement and were jumping and hopping and talking non-stop. To watch the three of them take off (and barely be able to keep them from running into streets) was pretty amazing. H2 and S2 usually are pretty good when it comes to being save in traffic. But with the distraction of a (slightly younger) friend? It was insane.

We had to keep this play date short (and sweet) and headed back to the house to change for Tae-Kwon-Do. The girls did very well in class today and once again were praised for the focus and effort. Excellent.

And from there we raced home, changed back into regular clothes and headed to the community center where the girls are enjoying PNO (“parents night out”). I will use part of the time on my own to take a Tae-Kwon-Do class myself…

So far we had a great day – and my guess is that when I pick them up this evening they’ll be dead tired and fall into bed.

We’ll see.

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