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Home Alone VII – Day 3

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The girls went to bed about an hour and a half late last night – that’s the price of “parents night out”, I guess. So we discussed in detail how they had to sleep longer this morning – I even gave them a target time of seven-zero-zero. I shouldn’t have bothered. H2 was wide awake at 5:30, S2 at 6:15. I managed to at least keep them in bed till 6:45 – but I wouldn’t call what they did “resting”.

They were awake and eager, got dressed and wanted breakfast. We played a little and headed out for German Saturday School. When I picked them up I was once again told that they speak such great German and that S2 retold a complete episode of a popular German children’s TV show (Die Sendung mit der Maus) that they had watched. My only response (beyond dropping my jaw) is “are you sure you are talking about my children? Those two that are wrecking your hand-puppet theater over there? The two that barely speak two words of German with me and only if I try really hard?”. Ok, that last part is an exaggeration – especially S2 really has started to say some German sentences. But still, she appears to be much more eloquent at school. Go figure.

posing at the bottom of the slideWe had lunch (the girls requested pizza) and went to the park near our house. They played and played and played. At some point I suggested we might want to go home (they had to be tired. FASTER!!!We walked towards our house but they got distracted by a softball team practicing in the park. I finally managed to drag them away just as the first few drops started to fall. We fast-walked home and less than a minute after we got indoors a massive shower came down. We would have been completely soaked. Lucky…

boat raceWe played some more at home – I tried to get them to play on their own, but they kept asking me to play with them. Here you see the “boat race” (with paddles and everything) where I had to be the starter (and referee). We had tigers in the house, acrobats, painters, princes and princesses, opera singers… you name it.

And then their friend Cole came for a play date. Ever since I told them at lunch they just couldn’t wait for Cole to be here. Kept asking how much longer they had to wait. And then, as he was here, they more or less refused to play with him. Go figure. But Melissa and I had a good time and a nice chat. Whatever works.

Finally we had home made (by K2) lasagna for dinner. H2 ate two servings and S2 ate three. And then they had fresh strawberries for desert. Maybe all that playing and running around made them hungry? I sure hope it made them tired…

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  1. Dianne on 17 Apr 2010 at 9:05 pm #

    Looks like some fun time with dad!

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