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Home Alone VII – Day 4

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They both slept till 6am. No later than that, but at least till six. YAY.

We had a leisurely morning; the major highlight was when the girls set the table and “made breakfast” (taking the ingredients and dishes / silverware that they could reach out from the cabinets and the fridge). They were very proud of themselves.

fashion statementSpeaking of doing things on their own… they of course dressed themselves this morning. And both of them came back downstairs with clothing that was making quite a statement. Not sure what the statement was – my first thought was “oh my”, but they explained to me how all the colors matched. And another mom at the playground later explained to me how the somewhat overly busy patterns (I was thinking “fighting with each other”) were just fine for girls their age. You decide.

I had considered taking them to the zoo this morning but as it happened the local paper had a big story about the zoo on the front page and the day was promising to be sunny and warm – so a massive crowd at the zoo was virtually guaranteed…

Instead we played at home and outside on the swings and then met our friends Cole, Melissa and Greg at SCRAP (School & Community Reuse Action Project). I had never heard of SCRAP, but Melissa and family had been there before – it’s a non-profit that wants to get people to creatively reuse what others would throw away. Leftover fabric, bottle caps, boxes, paper, styrofoam – you name it. It was pretty amazing – we bought a bag full of things for an art project for $2.25. The girls both wanted to make horses and Melissa and Greg hosted us (and another Dad with two more girls) at their house to do our project.

It was awesome. Required a little more “grown-up involvement” that I had hoped (mainly due to the liberal use of a hot glue gun), but it was fun.

From there we raced to lunch and then over to Auntie Denise where the girls played and did more crafts for a couple of hours (while I took a break).

swinging the tireAfter that we went to the playground – where we ran into the girls’ other friend Cole and his mom. They played and ran and ran and played – I got tired just watching them. After an hour and a half I finally dragged them home. Put a casserole in the oven and gave them a bath. Desperately needed, if I may say so.

After the bath the girls and I disagreed about something – I think it was whether they could sleep in their leggings. And I foolishly said “I’m the boss”. The girls just looked and me and laughed. “Nahhh Mama is in charge!”.

Ah – we should have explained the rules of succession to them before Mama left…

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  1. Molly on 19 Apr 2010 at 10:57 am #

    Sounds like a great day. Lots of playing. Love the dressing and the rules of succession. LOL. Too funny. It looks like you are doing well on your own, and I’m taking notes for the time my husband may have to stay with our girls.

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