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Home Alone VII – Day 5

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I may have lost the title of “SuperPapa” today. At least the girls were both rather frustrated with me in the evening. And told me that they didn’t like me and only liked Mama.

Unsurprisingly that was all forgotten half an hour later during bed time…

We actually had a fun day. After a typical morning (up around 6am, some play time, breakfast) it was time to go to school. Suddenly I remembered that today they are supposed to bring something to share for the letter of the week. First task, find out what’s the letter of the week. Easy – “what was the letter of the week last week?”. Err. Not so quick. The answers ranged from ‘w’ to ‘y’. Plan B. Check the email from preschool. Ok, this week it’s ‘y’. So what are great words starting with ‘y’. Definitely not a week where German would help me (there aren’t really a lot of German words that start with a ‘y’). Back to English. Yellow would work. But that’s boring. How do you bring a color? And isn’t that what all the other kids will do as well? A yellow crayon or marker or something?

The I had the brilliant idea. Yogurt. And I gave them two small frozen yogurts (regular kids size yogurt that we had put in the freezer). The girls were giddy with joy. Couldn’t wait to get to school and show their friends. Clearly an A+ idea.

I picked them up at their regular time and we went straight to a neighborhood playground that is next to a different school. When we arrived no one was there, but a few minutes later there was a huge crowd of kids between four and six or so. Heaven. They played and played and played.

We sat out a little rain shower at Starbucks and had some snack, then went back and played some more.

After more than two hours H2 slipped when running around and skinned both knees. No crying – just told me that she really needed band-aids. And since I forgot to bring the travel pack we decided to go back home. S2 had a bit of a problem with her listening ears at that moment (decided to run away to the other kids instead of coming with us) but that was quickly resolved (but it may have been the starting point of me losing “SuperPapa” status).

When we got home, H2 put medicine on her owies and then band aids on top. All by herself with no help from me. Such a big girl.

Finally, at dinner time, things fell apart. I think they were tired. H2 has had a little owie in her mouth for a few days and today decided that she couldn’t eat dinner. I said that was fine but then there wouldn’t be dessert, either. And S2 of course had already been told that there would be no dessert, based on her lack of listening ears earlier. And that was too much for them.

Still – I think we had a great day and at the end of bed time both told me that they loved me and kissed me good night.

Tomorrow K2 will be back – they’ll be so happy.

And so will I. I miss her.

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2 Responses to “Home Alone VII – Day 5”

  1. Christina on 20 Apr 2010 at 5:30 pm #

    Those girls of your are perfect evidence that you are still “SuperPapa”! They are so sweet. I love hearing about your adventures – running included!

  2. Mahmee on 20 Apr 2010 at 7:03 pm #

    Yeah, wow…I have to agree. Pretty sweet.
    R will actually tell us “I don’t love you!!!” when she’s having a ‘moment’. I love the fact that at these ages, they switch back to a fun mood within a few moments.
    Glad K2 will be home soon!

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