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2010 Feb 20
August 10th 2010
Day 7 – Playmobil Fun Park

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The four of us, my sister and Ben went to the Playmobil Fun Park today. And as required by the name of the facility, we did have fun.

The place was packed – lots and lots of people. After all this was the nicest day so far during the Bavarian school summer holidays. But given the nature of the attractions it was still quite easy for the girls to play and entertain themselves.

braving the waterfallbraving the waterfall in 2007Just like the last time we were here in June of 2007, the girls loved standing in the little waterfall in the waterplay area.

You’ll need to figure out which one of the pictures is from today and which from three years ago…

S2 giving directionsH2 enjoying the cool waterWe literally had to drag the girls away from the waterplay area – we offered lunch which they found enticing enough to move on (only to then not feel like eating much).

I should have mentioned that jet lag is over, so the girls are back to waking up around 6am – only we hadn’t clued in to that and put them to bed really late again last night. So the girls were tired and a bit cranky today. Lacking two hours of sleep can do that to you. Ask me how I know.

I know that I will pay for this picture at some point in the future – but for now this preview of H1’s college life (taken right after lunch) is too good not to post…

college preview?snacktimeIn the second picture you see the three kids enjoy an afternoon snack; oddly – I have very few pictures from when they were playing… not sure why. Actually at least for one of the things we did I know why. The six seater tire swing where another dad and I were pushing the girls and a changing cast of four other kids to the breaking point… the swing had so much momentum that I could hold on to it, have it drag me into the air and then use my weight to pull it down again and accelerate…

One last comment about the snack time picture. Note the girls eating apples and Ben eating ice cream? While there are many great snarky comments I could make, the truth is that the girls were just already done with their ice cream (they got one scoop, Ben had two). So there isn’t a “healthier choice” story here…

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