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2008 Nov 23
August 30th 2005
Shopping and Eating with the girls

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Part of the program today was a trip to the Pearl Shopping Mall. Holt tries Pearl Mall to show us the culture and other highlights of China – I admit that I was more interested in the trip to the Buddhist Temple, but one shouldn’t be too picky when it comes to a chance to getting out and among people, I guess :-)

Several buses full of adoptive parents including their new (and sometimes also older) kids drove over to the mall and delivered eager shoppers to equally eager sellers. Ok, most of the shoppers were eager, some of them Sleepy Shoppers scored quite a bit, all enjoyed the haggling and negotiating. But some of the little shoppers had other priorities…

After all that excitement we headed back to the hotel. The girls were S2 Eating S2 Clean hungry, so we went straight to the restaurant. Solid foods are a huge hit. They have some downsides, for example, the table manners of the girls are not quite perfect just yet. But at least S2 tries to clean her face afterwards :-)

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