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The Great Wall

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ArrivedIt’s a long flight to Beijing. And the flight is even longer if one of your kids starts throwing up. It wasn’t exactly the best start we could have wished for, but hey, you roll with the punches.

To make matters worse, K2 appears to have lost her prescription sun glasses while dealing with the sick child, so things really didn’t start off well.

But once on firm ground, the girls rallied (don’t they look fresh?) and stayed up through the evening event (a rather stunning acrobat show that should have been subtitled “Safety Last”). And even though a serious thunderstorm interrupted the night’s sleep, everyone stayed in bed until six and overall we started our first full day in China well rested.

On the program today was one of the staples of any sightseeing trip to China. A visit to the Great Wall. And in an interesting change we did not (as usual) go to Badaling but instead to Juyongguan.

The picture below is from about half way up. With the haze the girls are squinting, but it seemed like such a nice picture otherwise that I decided to post it anyway.

Far up, looking outThe girls and I climbed up, up, up the wall, leaving K2 (who was walking with our friend K’s kids) far behind.

looking down from aboveLooking back down can give you vertigo. At times the incline is 60° and more. And to make things more fun, there are repairs to the steep stair-like part of the wall happening right now, so we had to maneuver our way around workers and loose stones.

H2 and S2 were racing up like mountain goats. I followed along as well as I could. I earned my two ice cream cones after we returned to our starting point. This next picture is from just about where we started – the girls and I made it up not all the way to the top (H2 decided enough was enough) but to the top of the tower you see in the upper left. According to my Fitbit we climbed the equivalent of 49 stories.

The Great Wall

I was exhausted. After a brief rest the kids decided that this was a great time for a game of tag. Rub it in.

we're not tired

Right now the kids are in the pool, next on the program is the “Welcome Dinner” for this “Heritage Tour”. Oh, I guess I should have mentioned at some point why we are here… this is an organized tour by CCAI and BLAS for families with children from China. Over the next ten days we are going to visit Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Guilin and Yangshuo. There are five color coded groups here, a total of about 200 people – about half of them kids adopted from China.

While I clearly have been very tardy these last few months posting here, I’ll make an effort to document the trip. So hopefully there’s a lot more to come.

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  1. Steve Molin on 18 Jun 2014 at 7:43 am #

    Congratulations on making this important trip! Too bad that it started out a bit rough but hopefully the worst is behind now. Have a great time and don’t push yourselves too hard.

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