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The new bath time routine

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I posted this yesterday and somehow it didn’t come up on the blog, so I’ll try again today…

For a while now the girls have really gotten into taking a shower. Well, sort of. It starts as a bath. Water in the tub, we play a little, the girls get their hair wet, I wash the hair, soap their bodies they rinse the hair, I put conditioner on. Now comes the change. We put on the shower. And the girls scream and giggle and dance and play under the shower. And use all of their (very respectable) negotiation skills to stop me from turning off the water. Including the famous “ein mal noch” (one more time) or “two minutes” (in English, don’t ask me why). Eventually I win and they start fighting who is the first to get dried off, the first to get a pony tail, the first to be moisturized.

The one thing they don’t really fight over is who gets her hair dried first – they still aren’t really into that. But they tolerate it.

Then we brush teeth and go to their room where they put on their pajamas (“I do it” – including closing the buttons… patience is a virtue) and get ready for bed. The whole production takes over an hour. And is lots and lots of fun.

PS: seems like I didn’t jinx it too badly – S2 woke up once last night, confused about the numbers of binkies she should have… yes, they still sleep with binkies; we gave up on that fight for now… but overall they still slept very well.

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