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December 1st 2008
They are actually helping

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For quite a while now we ask H2 and S2 to help us with most of the things that we do around the house. Well, those that are safe and reasonably doable for a child of their age. So they are helping us to set and clean the table, make the beds, they help me make lattes in the morning, etc.

In all honesty, most of the time things tend to take longer and become harder once the girls “help” you. But today I had a truly eye-opening experience with my little helpers. I did the Christmas decoration of the front of the house (actually, I completed it, I had started yesterday). And K2 suggested that the girls could help me. And help they did. Helped me untangle the cables for the lights. They held them. Carried them where I needed them. Stepped back when asked. Stopped when asked. Didn’t fight. Shared the work. Took turns. And really and actually and honestly helped and made things easier.


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