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To kill a tree…

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No mockingbirds in sight, but lots of trees! We went out to the Hillsboro Christmas Tree Farm. K2 and I of course have sentimental memories of the area – that’s where we ran our first half marathon together, two weeks after we first met! But this time our goal was less one of exercise or competition but more one of decoration. We needed a Christmas tree. And Angela and Marcelo volunteered to come with us to hunt and kill a tree for each of our houses.

For those who don’t understand the importance and complicated process of this endeavor, here are some quick hints. First, it takes lots of dedication to finding the “right” or “perfect” tree.
You have to know exactly how the tree is going to look, how wide and how tall it’s going to be (even though K2 has a history of overestimating the size of the space the tree is supposed to fill – she has been known to get trees that are one size larger than the house they are supposed to be brought into… but I digress). And then of course the tree has to be “just so” – no ugly holes or anything, good color, straight, you know. The works.

K2 and the girls
Armed with that knowledge (and a saw) you can then set out into the wilderness (which in this case is tamed enough to bring the Valco stroller – we love it not only for its off-road capabilities…).
Many trees are then considered, looked at closely, pointed out to the other hunters, and then, usually, rejected.

Twins and their tree choice
Even the girls picked a tree that they thought had the perfect size. Unfortunately, the tree farm has a five foot minimum, so we couldn’t follow their preference. But in general they were excited about the process, looked around, giggled, and flapped their legs (given how much we had wrapped them in there movements were somewhat restricted…)

But wonder of wonders, we did find the perfect tree, and it wasn’t (as one bad person suggested, who shall remain nameless for now) the first tree that we looked at after all. A beautiful six foot (about 1,8m) noble fir. Our first Christmas tree as a family. Way cool.

After helping us bringing our tree to the car, Angela and Marcelo also found the perfect tree for their house and Marcelo got to cut his first Christmas tree, ever. That’s how traditions are born :-)

Big dog
But trees weren’t the only thing to admire out there – there was also the largest dog that our girls had ever seen. Like most St. Bernhards he was nice and calm – just much more interested in the dogs that people brought than the little people who were admiring him. But that was ok – the twins are a little too small to go for a ride just yet :-)

Overall, great fun (the perfect weather helped) and hopefully a tradition we’ll continue next year!

On the way back home the fresh air and all the fun and excitement took its toll. Only a few minutes in the car and both girls were sound asleep. Oh well, it seems they enjoyed the trip, too!

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