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2005 Oct 22
August 30th 2005
Ups and Downs

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Lets start with the good part. We’re in Guangzhou, the last official stop on the journey before we start our trip home on Thursday evening with a train trip to Hong Kong.

The girls turned out to be daddy’s girls – they were very good fliers on their first flight ever. No screaming, no crying, no fussing – they ate both on the ascent and the descent and didn’t seem to have any ear problems.

The girls are healthy, both have gained weight, H2 has closed the gap to weighing S2 by a quarter pound or so. We were really pleased when we left the medical examination that is part of the process to get them US entry visas. When happy and awake they are simply marvelous and are showing us a new skill every day – the latest is to put in their own pacifier – a very useful skill, if I may say so.

The downside is that the trip to Guangzhou with a rather late arrival completely threw them off their just-re-established schedule, both regarding sleep and eating. S2 dealt rather well with it. H2 didn’t. So we once again had a night without sleep.

K2 just returned from a few rounds of arguing with the local staff about whether or not we’d have to bring the girls into the very scary “hospital” here in the hotel in order to get Infant Benadryl. Thankfully she proved well worth her Chinese Zodiac – she’s a dragon. We got what we needed without subjecting our girls to the dangers of getting “medical help”. Some other kids in our group weren’t that lucky – and at least one of them by now is seriously ill as far as we can tell. Prescribing an antibiotic that has diarrhea as a potential side effect to a diarrhea that doesn’t appear to be caused by bacteria seems to have made things worse. We’re very happy that Jackie protected H2 from that “help” in Fuzhou.

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