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The girls have a tradition of telling us “I’m not tired”. But lately we have convinced them to actually ‘fess up and tell us when they need to nap. Or to just demonstrate the skill.

Clearly the last ten days in Germany have taken their toll. Even after a good and sufficiently long night’s sleep last night they still weren’t feeling too fresh today. But nothing that a bit of napping couldn’t fix. And after all, they needed to be at their personal best as we are visiting Oma and Opa again and went to the Volksfest (the German version of a “city fair” or something).

enjoying some ridesenjoying culinary highlights

After another delicious lunch at Oma’s house (the girls helped cooking and were soooo excited to do so) the four of us and Oma went to the traditional Schweinfurter Volksfest. The girls enjoyed a bunch of rides. And were exposed to some of the more exciting culinary traditions – like Steckerl-Fisch. Imagine a largish fresh water fish, put on a stick and then grilled over an open fire. Interesting. But not necessarily recommended for human consumption.

And of course there were the horse back rides. The girls were in heaven.

H2 is happyS2 is happy, too

One of the interesting things that happened was that we ran into two couples that are friends of Oma and Opa. And the girls were absolutely perfect, as you expect German grandchildren to be. They shook hands. They said hello and good bye. And patiently waited for the conversations to end. I was so proud of them…

flying highOma, Opa, S2, H2

When we were back at Oma’s house I got everyone to go outside and pose for a family picture. This is something that I note in my picture taking – I don’t do a lot of the “posed family pictures” that many other people seem to prefer. And while I usually much rather have situational pictures, I also sometimes want to just have a picture of Oma, Opa and the girls!

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