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November 28th 2007
We are three now

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Two episodes from this morning.

S2 wants pigtails. Therefore H2 wants pigtails. I have them pick colors. S2: “PINK!” H2: “GREEN!” S2: “NO pink, GREEN!”

I try to start with H2. “NOOO pigtails!” Ok, I do pigtails for S2. H2: “Whuaaaaa! PIGTAILS!!!” Ok, I’m done with S2, I once again try to start on H2’s pigtails. “NOOOOOOOOO” – after some prompting, even “no dank-uuu”. Two minutes later, H2 is throwing herself on the floor, crying “I want pig-taiaiaiaillls…”

Ahh. Deep breath. Change of parents. K2 puts in pigtails.

An hour later, after breakfast, we’re ready to go. I open the garage and the car doors (love those remote opening doors… you think I’m just lazy? you clearly don’t have twin toddlers). Girls race to the car, S2 climbs in on the side I can see, H2 runs to the other side (all this is in the garage, up a driveway, perfectly save). I poke my head into the car, no H2. What the…? Oops, forgot to open the second door. Open the door, H2 climbs in and is very unhappy because “I want black seat!” (that’s the cow-hide car seat that they both suddenly love). S2 is already in that seat. But that doesn’t seem fair (it’s the seat on the side to which H2 ran, only Papa forgot to open that door).

So I do what everyone tells you not to do. I try to explain the situation to a three-year-old. “S2, I know you are in this seat, but you know, H2 wanted this seat and ran to this side of the car and Papa forgot to open her door – so this wasn’t really fair. Would you mind taking the blue seat?” (all of course in German, but at the same level of language and logic). S2 looks at me and says “okay”, climbs out of the cow seat and into the blue seat. H2 says “Dank-uuu, S2”. S2 says “you WELcome”.

I love these girls.

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2 Responses to “We are three now”

  1. Sandy on 28 Nov 2007 at 11:19 am #

    That is great! :) It’s wonderful that they’re so good at sharing with each other.

  2. lisa on 02 Dec 2007 at 4:22 pm #

    I love it-my sister makes fun of me for trying to reason with her 3 yo too-but you know, sometimes it works! ~lmc

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