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2009 Jul 25
March 28th 2006
Foot and mouth disease

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Turns out they were not just teething. Monday daycare called and told us that the girls had developed blisters under their tongue. We went to the doctor with them and by then they had blisters on their hands and feet, too.

Since this is an infectious virus they can’t go to daycare for a week. Which means that for the rest of this week one of us has to take off from work and watch the babies. Today it was K2, tomorrow it will be me.

The joy of parenthood. But we shouldn’t be complaining. Knock on wood, this is relatively harmless. Listening to some other parents (poor Kelly for example) we have been very lucky so far.

Even more important, today the girls seemed to feel better already. Not sure how the night will be (we just put them in their cribs to sleep), but we’re hoping for the best. Tomorrow I’ll get to spend the day with them. The weather forecast promises dry weather, so I’m seeing long walks with the stroller in my future :-)

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