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2008 Apr 24
February 26th 2011
Sunshine in Berlin

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No, I didn’t fall from the face of the earth. It only feels that way.

Where did I leave you. Right. The girls and I had that wonderful day. That was a week ago. The next day K2 rushed back from her conference and managed to come home before I had to leave. We had about 20 minutes, time for a quick chat and a kiss.

Then I rushed to the airport and headed to Europe. Five days, 90 hours of work and very little sleep later I find myself in Berlin on a gorgeous sunny but cold day, sitting at Starbucks with a venti latte and actually my first break in a week. I have three hours off before my next meeting. Whatever shall I do?

K2 and the girls appear to be doing well. Portland had a snow day on Thursday. H2 grabbed Ping, the stuffed penguin S2 gave me for Christmas, ran to the window and shouted “look Ping, just like your home!”

I miss them a lot. And it looks like I won’t be home for another week…

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