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November 14th 2010
A spectacular run in Dublin

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a look back to the shoewAs a runner, some runs are good, some are miserable (like my marathon last month) and most are just unremarkable.

But sometimes you get lucky. The weather is perfect (or almost perfect – we had blue skies and low temperatures, both things I love; there just was too much wind, especially at the water). You happen to pick a gorgeous route in a place you’ve never been to. And even though you had planned something else, you just go for it.

That’s what happened to me today.

Originally I had planned a 9 mile run from the hotel to the Dublin Bay shore and back. But as I reached the 4.5 mile turnaround point I decided to run that short little bit extra to get to the beginning of the South Sea Wall. And once I was there I figured I might as well run out to the lighthouse.

The picture above was taken from the lighthouse back to the shore. It was breathtaking in two senses of the word. First, it was simply incredibly gorgeous. The view was spectacular – I was literally one and a quarter mile out into the sea – nothing but water around me and a maybe 15-20 foot wide seawall connecting me back to the shore. But it was also breathtaking because there was a strong, let me correct that very strong wind coming from land – so running back in was simply brutal – straight into a storm strength wind at about 36F (2°C). Yikes.

But it was so worth it.

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