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Running update (49 – Peak Week)

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Peak week is an interesting concept. As you train for a marathon you will build up more and more mileage. Both in weekly mileage and in the length of the “long run” (usually on the weekend). Depending on your training plan you will have the week with the most mileage and usually also the longest of all training runs three or four weeks prior to the marathon. And then starts the taper, where over three or four weeks you run less and less; the goal is to give your body time to truly recover from the long and hard training and to build up reserves for the marathon.

So this last week was my peak week. 7 miles Monday, 6 miles (and speed training) Wednesday, 5 miles Thursday and today my longest run since my last marathon – 22 miles.

40 miles in a week – and if you add four more hours (or just look at the last eight days) the total is up to 58 miles as I ran 18 miles last Saturday.

That’s a lot of running. On top of this I did a few hours of Tae Kwon Do (including my belt test). The sum total of all this? After a wonderful 18 mile run last weekend I had an absolutely rotten 22 mile run today.

It started out very well. The first 12 miles were fast and easy and wonderful. The second 10? Not so much. Actually, if you followed the link about the taper above you’ll know what happened to me. I didn’t allow myself enough rest after the 18 mile run, pushed very hard this week and simply ran out of muscle reserves. The fact that I had a very reasonable heart rate and still ended up walking for more than a while is a clear indication that I simply hit the wall on the run and my muscles were literally running on empty.

Every marathon training has a miserable run (or two, or three). Today was one of mine. I’ll take the taper seriously. I won’t go to Tae Kwon Do the week before the marathon. And hopefully this will all pay off and I’ll feel strong throughout the race in three weeks.

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