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2010 Jun 13
October 31st 2010
Running update (52 – 55)

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I haven’t written any updates for a month. Well, that’s not true, I did of course write about my marathon. But just to keep the statistics going, here’s what I did in October…

The first week of October continued my taper towards the marathon. 3 miles Tuesday, 5 miles with some tempo work on Wednesday and then 3 miles on Friday. And of course 26.2 miles on Sunday. A bit over 37 miles that week.

The second week was recovery, an easy 5.5 mile run with my sister on Thursday and a 6 mile run on a treadmill in Munich on Saturday. 11.5 miles for the week.

Back in the US I ran 4 miles Tuesday, 6 miles Thursday and 12 miles Saturday. I had briefly considered running a half marathon race on Sunday but thankfully decided against it – the 12 miles Saturday felt really tough and a race might have been a mistake. So 22 miles that week.

Finally this past week I spent mostly in Cambridge, UK. I did three runs there, 6 miles Tuesday and Wednesday, 5 miles on Thursday. Another 6 miles in Washington on Friday and yet another 6 mile run here in Boston today. For 29 miles total.

If we add in the eight mile run on October 3rd we get to a bit over 108 miles for October – the fifth month in a row in which I ran more than 100 miles.

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  1. Christina on 31 Oct 2010 at 6:24 pm #

    awesome! keep up the good work! I wish I kept such a detailed log of my running miles :)

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