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October 12th 2010
Who would have thought

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I was really worried about flying 28 hours after my marathon. And I took some precautions to make sure that this would be a bearable trip: I got on the Portland – Amsterdam non-stop flight and made sure that I would get an upgrade. So I had one long comfortable flight to start with, no connections, running around airports, cramped domestic flights…

Turns out, this worked much better than expected. Yes, my legs were still sore on Monday (snide remark: I clearly didn’t run hard enough), but the flight Monday afternoon was surprisingly pleasant and with the slight help of some Advil PM I even got a few good hours of sleep in.

Was this ideal? Absolutely not. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. I’ve flown hours after running a 10k. I’ve flown the day after a half marathon (and may end up doing this again soon). But the day after a marathon? In general not recommended. Especially not cross-ocean.

But then, given my travel schedule – what did I expect.

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  1. Christina on 13 Oct 2010 at 5:17 am #

    Gotta love it when you can say the snide remark to yourself! **snicker** I said basically the same thing Monday after a hard skate practice on Sunday-only my arms hurt! Go figure!
    “I will work harder!” (quick – name that book!)

    In any case, I’m glad your cross-ocean flight was not miserable like it could’ve been!

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