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December 18th 2012
Big and small

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Sorry, another post full of scuba pictures. But maybe this is fun for some…

red stripe pipefish - as close to finding a seahorse as I couldFirst let’s start small. K2 loves seahorses. I haven’t managed to find any of those on any of my recent trips, but at least I found some pipefish today, which are closely related to seahorses and are also really cool. These two are about 7cm / 3in long…

Type of nudibranch that I haven't seen beforeAnother entry in the ‘small’ category is this nudibranch. A little shorter but much thicker – and just cool looking.

And then lets talk about bigger animals – equally cool. Swimming / diving with manta rays has been high on my list for a while. And as we arrived at a dive site today the captain suddenly yells from above – Ray! Ray! We got in the water quite quickly and had a chance to be around this relatively small one for a while. Wing span was about 1.5m / 5ft.

manta ray right above mewhat a beautiful animal

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