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Day Two of the Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard

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Sunday morning the weather was still very windy and rain was falling on and off for most of the day. We changed dive sites again (we tended to do two dives per site and then move the boat).

The morning dive was the Deep Dive of the class. Since everything is rather shallow at the Great Barrier Reef the dive wasn’t all that deep, but it went past what PADI considers the “Open Water Diver limit” of 18m / 60ft. We got down to about 76ft or 23m. In all honesty – I have been much deeper than that a few times already. Which I guess isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. We did some fun exercises (seeing how the pressure just crushes a coke bottle we took with us from the surface and seeing on a color card how red and orange have completely disappeared and yellow is beginning to fade). The rest of the dive was mostly just fun.

After breakfast came the final class, the photography dive. I brought my own camera and used the new underwater case that K2 had given me for Christmas for the first time. I really liked it, but with the bad visibility and a rather annoying current this wasn’t the best day for photography… I already posted some of the better pictures (and my brother gave me some suggestions in email how to do better next time).

After this we did the final paperwork and Taylor and I were certified as Advanced Open Water Divers. Alex and Claire got to take another dive with Masao to work on the missing navigation exercises and the buoyancy exercises they failed the first time. Taylor and I went back to our original buddies and had five more fun dives ahead of us.

The afternoon dive on Sunday was really nice; we saw several more turtles (including a HUGE one – its shell was at least 5ft in diamater). And lots of other fish including a colony of “real Nemo’s” (as in the “Finding Nemo” movie). It was one of three dives on this trip that lasted 58 or 59 minutes (the boat requires you to return with at least 50bar in your tank – after a 3 minute safety stop, but puts a hard one hour limit on all dives).

After dinner we did our second night dive. We were at the same site as we were for the afternoon dive, but sadly didn’t see quite as much sea life. Still, it was a very nice fun dive. Much shorter (as the crew wants you back on the boat after 30 minutes).

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