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September 17th 2012
Scuba pictures from Florida

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I’m here for a business trip, but had a chance to do some diving, too.

We start with two fish. One of them is very dangerous and should be killed when you see on (at least in the Atlantic where it has no natural enemies). The other is a vilified beautiful animal that people love to be afraid of.

And I bet that many of you will get the “which one is which” wrong here.

Lionfish - beautiful but very poisonousnurse shark - not very big, maybe 4-5 feet

Then two beautiful animals that I cannot name. They look like ferns but I believe they are actually classified as animals…

Update: These are Christmas Tree Worms

no idea - some fern? - but beautifulanother unidentified beautiful life form

Next a puffer fish getting away from me, and a moray eel trying to get me to go away.

puffer fish getting awaymoray eel

An octopus trying hard to look like coral. And another eel – this one rather badly wounded in a fight, it seems.

octopus (kind of hard to see)another moray eel

During a night dive you can see much more exciting things than during the day. And strangely, colors come out much better at night (because the daylight at depth is very tinted whereas the light we bring to take pictures usually isn’t — a counterexample below).

beautiful artificial reef (i.e., wreck) at nighta fish that's good at hiding

And finally, maybe the highlight of this trip. The goliath grouper. We spent lots of time looking at them and this one let the photographers get close. Really close. Sadly, one of the others was taking pictures with the new “red led lights” that are said to not scare the fish away as much and on her camera can easily be color corrected. Only for all the other divers now your pictures have that strange partial red color tint…

goliath grouperwith red lightup close and personal

But given how close we got to these huge animals, I don’t really care. Just to put this into perspective – some of these were in the 500-600 pounds class. Really big animals.

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  1. Irmgard Hohndel on 18 Sep 2012 at 6:10 am #

    Sind diese Bilder schön. Wirklich wundervoll. Da möchte man auch tauchen können.

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