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Scuba pictures

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These were taken a couple of weeks ago in Okinawa. Some of you may have seen them on Google+, but I think they are worth reposting here…

Let’s start out with some macro pictures: Christmas tree worms and a nudibranch.

Christmas tree worms - always awesomeI love these nudibranchs

another nudibranchcan you tell I like these nudibranchs?

And some fish – the clown fish are extremely hard to get good pictures of. They never stay in one place for more than a tenth of a second. The banana wrasse is hard in different ways – you need to capture it in mid water for a great pictures…

clownfish and othersbanana wrasse

shiny little sea starI haven't identified these, yet

Finally: cuttlefish. Yes, this is the same animal, just a few moments apart.

cuttle fish hiding amongst the coralsame cuttlefish trying to get away

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  1. JS on 21 Oct 2012 at 2:28 pm #

    I love your scuba photos! How amazing to be able to see such beautiful creatures.

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