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July 3rd 2011
Blog update

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Every once in a while I feel the need to update the look of this blog. Or (as in this case), I get told “H2’s eye surgery was more than a year ago, you really need to update the masthead one of these days”…

So this morning I created a new picture, but for posterity, here are the previous two that I used (and I am bummed to realize that I can’t seem to find my first No More Work Than One masthead anymore…). And also, learning from the past, I’ll include the new picture in this post so that coming back here in a few years will show the complete context.




The last two of course have the free space for the ‘polaroids’ of the girls…

Oh – and I disabled the ads on the blog. Not worth it, given the size of my readership.

Now I need to add pictures from this year to the Picture a Month Gallery and update the rotation for the polaroids and my updates of the blog should be done.

Update: done.

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January 9th 2010
That’s more like it

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The new masthead was bugging me – the picture on the right just didn’t look “polished” enough. I think this one is much better. I actually switched out the first of the two picture of the girls for one that was taken in September and that I liked better. And now I think the two pictures blend together much better and are much more cohesive with the “Polaroids” on the left.

Anyway, I still miss some of the charm of the old masthead, but this one is much more like what I was looking for. Enjoy.

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January 7th 2010
Fair warning

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I have added another more than two dozen pictures from the first couple of years with the cupcakes to the rotation for the header image… so it’s no longer “just the pictures of a month” that you’ll see there…

Next time I have an hour or three I’ll add more recent ones, too!

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January 4th 2010
A new year, a new look

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I’ll admit it – I am very proud of the old masthead that used to be on top of this blog; it is most likely the most elaborate Photoshop project I have ever done. So it’s with some sadness that I decide to move on to something newer… but the picture that it was based upon is almost two years old now – and the girls have changed so much during that time. Just to keep the memory, here it is one more time:


And with this, I present the new masthead; I decided to do something new and while I’m at it, to do something that would be interesting. So the new header has a dynamic aspect to it. Try it, reload this page – the Polaroid on the left will show a different picture – and the caption will be updated to reflect the date the picture was taken. The part on the right I’m not totally in love with, but it’s a start – the old masthead notwithstanding, I’m not a Photoshop wizard so it’s not quite as smooth as I’d want it to be…

As always, let me know what you think!

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