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October 14th 2007
Cultural imperialism – or home away from home?

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I don’t think Starbucks has really great coffee. They over-roast their beans. And many of their baristas wouldn’t recognize good foam if it was splashing in their face at 200°F. Oh, and they can’t read a thermometer, either, which is why asking for a “triple venti non-fat 140 degree latte” gets you anything from barely lukewarm to piping crazy hot.

So why do I keep going to Starbucks? You tend to get at least decent lattes there (with the occasional disappointment), they are everywhere (needless to say, I am writing this from the Starbucks in the lobby of Taipei 101), and almost always you can even get a reasonably priced breakfast there. So while I am sure there’s a great local coffee store around here somewhere, I doubt I’d find it. But finding a Starbucks? Rather easy. Taipei mugThere are more than 100 Starbucks in Taipei alone.

And then of course there are the Starbucks collector’s mugs. Yes, there are actually serious collectors out there. Me, I just have a few, maybe 20? I try to grab one when I’m traveling. And just added the one from Taipei to my collection. And we actually use them every day – so they are not sitting somewhere collecting dust, either.

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