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May 8th 2011
Guess Who’s Cooking Now a.k.a. My Mother’s Day Present

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It’s been clear for a while that H2 and S2 aren’t really traditionalists . H2’s favorite color is black; their favorite vegetable is kale. It should come as no surprise then that they were not at all interested in cooking me a lovely Mother’s Day breakfast. (We want waffles, Mama!!!)That doesn’t mean that they didn’t want to cook for at all, they just had a different meal in mind.


Yup. They made me dinner. For my birthday S2 gave me this book:

Kids Cooking

All of those little blue flags indicate recipes that S2 would like to try. I sincerely hope that isn’t a reflection on my abilities as a cook. But I digress… S2 informed me this morning that they wanted to cook dinner. OK by me. She showed me the recipe they had in mind. We went to the grocery store, bought the supplies and this evening, with a little adult safety supervision, they made me dinner.


I wasn’t able to get a photo of the full batch, but this should give you an idea of how it looked.
There were originally eight servings of the entree, but the girls were a wee bit hungry. I only got one myself; they ate the rest.

Note to self – if they decide to make this for the whole family we’ll need to double the recipe.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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