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December 1st 2008
They are actually helping

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For quite a while now we ask H2 and S2 to help us with most of the things that we do around the house. Well, those that are safe and reasonably doable for a child of their age. So they are helping us to set and clean the table, make the beds, they help me make lattes in the morning, etc.

In all honesty, most of the time things tend to take longer and become harder once the girls “help” you. But today I had a truly eye-opening experience with my little helpers. I did the Christmas decoration of the front of the house (actually, I completed it, I had started yesterday). And K2 suggested that the girls could help me. And help they did. Helped me untangle the cables for the lights. They held them. Carried them where I needed them. Stepped back when asked. Stopped when asked. Didn’t fight. Shared the work. Took turns. And really and actually and honestly helped and made things easier.


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August 7th 2008
The risks rarely mentioned

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I love playing with the girls – and since I’m the Papa, I’ll admit that I do a little more “horse-play” with them than their Mama. I wouldn’t call it playing rough, but occasionally things get wild. And usually the one that gets hurt is me – someone kicking me by mistake, or hopping on me, smacking me with a book – things like that.

Today I was laying on the ground playing with them, H2 was standing on me, jumped up and landed with her butt on my chest, right as I had exhaled. I curled up and cried out. To which H2 said: “I broke the Papa! Weeeeeee!”

True love?

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March 31st 2008
Bad nights

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Things were going well in early January and I posted about them. So now I guess I need to update the story…

The girls still go to bed very well. We have a routine, but it’s ok to deviate. Others can put them to bed. As long as a few key things are done (they want to drink water right before going to sleep – it’s crazy, I know, but hey, they are dry in the morning… also, S2 insists every evening on “big open!” – which means she wants the door to the room to stay wide open…), things are really easy.

But sleeping through the night is what still doesn’t happen. Whether they are screaming (especially S2, lately) and you actually need to get them to wake up in order for them to settle down, or whether they roll off their mattresses and whine, or whether it’s just a general unrest… they simply still don’t sleep.

I’m sure many of you will think “oh, you are doing this wrong” and I’m sure we are. But trust me, we’ve tried a lot of things. I guess they’ll sleep through the night by middle-school, right?

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February 22nd 2008
I have a big nose

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Lately I’ve been hearing this a lot. One of our ways to show each other our love is to “do a beep“. That means to touch the tips of your noses together – and say “beep”.

For a few weeks now, almost every time we do this, H2 or S2 will say “Papa has big nose”. Thanks, kiddos. I know.

In other news, the girls have been sleeping without a pacifier for a week now. They still seem to sleep a little less deeply (and S2 has an amazing tendency to move around and end up in odd places – without ever waking up), but they don’t really complain about the lack of their formerly favorite objects anymore. Good.

Potty training is also going well. Both wake up dry nearly 100% of the time (I think I have seen one wet overnight diaper in the last three weeks). Both are doing #2 in the potty (S2 much more consistently than H2), both are fairly good staying dry and in the same clothes all day (again, with H2 a little more likely to forget and pee in her pants – or on her brand new shoes that she had been wearing for a total of about 20 minutes at that time).

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