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April 14th 2007
Day 5

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K2 is back. Yeah!

Oh, maybe I should write a little more than that…

The girls and I had fun at toddler tumbling this morning; they were unusually cooperative. Unfortunately after nap H2 seemed to feel a little under the weather. Maybe a molar is poking her again.

After K2 came home we went to the playground and had fun there and then played at home and most of the time everything was fine – just an annoying tendency for whining.

All would be well if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ll be on a 7:30am flight out tomorrow morning. I love going to Beijing. I just don’t like leaving right now.

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April 13th 2007
Day 4 – or why you should never leave the room

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We had a great afternoon. The sun was out after the girls napped so I changed plans and went to the park with them instead of the museum. Lots of other stay at home parents with their kids. Fun. Interesting crowd by the way…

Then the obligatory trip to Starbucks (H2 can say “Starbucks” and both recognize the logo – what can I say). Back at home we played some more and then I made dinner – spaghetti with meat balls; good thing it was bath night :-)

After dinner I cleaned up real quick while they watched the Wiggles. And since they seemed so happy I sat down on the computer for a moment and responded to a couple of emails (hey, one of them was from K2…). A few minutes later I hear an oddly familiar noise that sounds somewhat like something ripping. Huh? “just one more sentence…”

As I walk into the living room both are completely naked (darn – that will get me bad search results again… go away weird people). And one of the diapers that were carefully placed on the floor was, err, “loaded”. No mess. No spill. Just two giggling toddlers who were very proud of themselves.

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April 13th 2007
Day 4 – so far, so good

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We had a great morning. The girls slept ok, woke up happy and even ate some breakfast. Hurray!

Mid morning we went to visit friends – a German family of five with twins girls (10 months older than ours) who go to the same daycare. I didn’t bring my camera (don’t push your luck) but I can honestly say we had a great time. The girls played (mostly with each other, but a little bit with Ursula (the mother) and the girls), ate some more (who new that banana only is edible when handed over whole, including the skin; banana pieces were not acceptable) and clearly seemed to enjoy themselves. And they got to hear lots of German!

Afterwards we had lunch and the girls went down for their nap without a problem.

Since I didn’t take pictures today, here are two from Wednesday – someone at daycare must have had time to put a neat little braid in H2’s hair; I guess that makes them easier to tell apart! But the most amazing thing was that she kept it in until bath-time (when I had to remove it in order to wash her hair).

H2 with a beautiful braidH2 with a beautiful braid

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April 12th 2007
Day 3 – uhh it’s hump day!

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H2 dancingAll is still well – the girls are fed and happy and asleep (I think – just heard some noises).
They went to daycare extra early this morning and even had breakfast there (I love our daycare) as I had a 7:30am meeting that I needed to call into.

When I picked them up in the afternoon they were excited and I heard that they had a good day playing. S2’s take-home-slip mentions that she had fun “banging cymbals together” – yeah, I can see that.

At home our wonderful friend Denise came over to visit and play with them for a while; later all of us had yummy dinner (yet another delight prepped ahead of time by K2 – meat loaf).

Even before Denise joined us the girls were all happy and dancing and laughing and giggling. Oh, and having a great time with Reggie.

S2 requests “again” (to see their favorite dance scene again)S2, Reggie and H2

Tomorrow daycare is closed. In the morning we’ll get together with another set of German speaking twins – Alicia and Victoria are 9 months older than our girls and go to the same daycare. In the afternoon I’m thinking about going to the Children’s Museum. Not sure yet.

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