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April 11th 2007
Day 2 – a new dance?

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S2 and H2 dancingI consider myself very lucky. H2 stayed at daycare all day! According to their caregivers they were both a little sad all day as they miss their Mama, but other than that they appear to have had a good day. No fever, no problems. I’m so glad H2 is feeling better.

When they came home we had dinner and after that they showed me a new dance that they apparently had choreographed while I wasn’t paying attention. It all starts with rather standard moves (as you can see on the right), but then it turns into something I can only describe as an oddly semi-standing long jump competition.

You think this is hard to describe? Try taking pictures of it. I have half a dozen below that try to capture a little bit of the dynamic. Pretty amazing stuff.

S2 jump-dancingH2 jump-dancing

S2 jump-dancingS2 jump-dancing

S2 - that’s a serious leapS2 - that’s a serious leap

Then we did their bath. And for the first time ever the girls asked for soap. And then went on to wash their own faces and try to wash their hair. All I can say is WOW. Easy bedtime (including 10 minutes more of hopping and dancing on their mattresses) and they appear to be sound asleep now.

Let’s hope that this night is better than last.

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April 11th 2007
Day 2.1 – which one is the sick one?

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Just came back from daycare. And left them both there. “Why?”, you ask? We couldn’t tell which one is the sick one. They both didn’t sleep great, they both had a fun morning and were active and giggly. They both ate ok breakfast. They both wanted to go to daycare.

I’m sort of waiting for the phone to ring that I need to pick H2 up – but I think she’ll have more fun there than at home watching TV all day.

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April 10th 2007
Day 1 – or “aliens took my sick daughter”

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Even if you suspend the rules around how much TV a toddler might be allowed in a day – it’s hard not to feel bad with a sick toddler at home. There was nothing really that she wanted to do. Except for sit on the sofa, lean on Papa and drift in and out of sleep. Exciting…

I did manage to sneak in my laptop and even attend a couple of meetings (the mute button on my phone is very useful – I wonder if anyone was puzzled about the background noises when I was talking).

In the afternoon the fever spiked again and at 4:30pm I gave her more Motrin. Which turned out to be the most brilliant thing I did all day!

H2 is checking the refernce bookWe picked up her sister from daycare, got home and I had two cranky babies. I gave them their camera and took out mine and in front of my eyes H2 converted from the whiny sick toddler to a hopping fun loving bundle of energy!

To the right you see her checking to make sure that I’m treating her right (if you can’t tell from the picture – she’s reading “Caring for Your Baby and Young Child”).

K2 had prepped homemade mac and cheese that I only needed to bake and once that was ready we had dinner. The girls ate adult size portions. Including a good bit of frozen peas – for the vegetable serving. And to avoid confusion – yes, that’s frozen peas. They don’t care for them when they are room temperature and all mushy. Or – yuck! – cooked! Frozen, fresh from the freezer. That’s the way to eat them.

We had our normal after dinner – pre-bedtime – bedtime routine with very little difference from normal days. Pretty amazing. No wonder people take drugs.

Below some more gratuitous toddler cuteness. I am not sure how S2’s hairdo happened, btw…

S2 taking picturesS2

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April 10th 2007
Day 0.5

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This is starting well so far… let’s see… even before K2 left, daycare called and asked me to pick up H2 who was running a fever. K2 of course immediately offered not to go on her trip. Yeah right.

H2 has been home with me since about 9am, changing between happy and playful and the typical fevery lethargic / whiny behavior that they often show when not feeling well.

Didn’t eat much lunch and went down for nap very tired only to wake up 20 minutes later. I even laid down with her to try to get her to sleep. I pretended to be asleep next to her in hope that she’d do the same (usually works). Today all I got was “one, two, three, wake-up, Jeff!” – for the Wiggles fans, stop laughing. For the others, never mind.

So she’s back downstairs. Not eating or drinking, but with the fever down and her in a fairly good mood.

I’ll keep you posted.

BTW: all your good wishes for S2’s health apparently helped. S2’s still at daycare…

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